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Is it Time to Consider a Micro Wedding in San Francisco?

Whether it’s Covid or just stressful planning…a micro wedding might be the answer!
Posted on November 14, 2020

Let’s be honest: 2020 hasn’t gone the way we all wanted it to go. If you were planning a big wedding for this year or if you’re already worried about your plans for 2021, it might be time to consider a micro wedding instead. Micro weddings are beautiful, intimate celebrations of your love that also help you solidify your partnership. Don’t let outside circumstances ruin your plans together — let’s adjust those plans to perfectly suit your love and your joy.

Ready to take the leap? Take a look at our micro wedding packages for inspiration, or contact us with your ideas and we’ll see what kind of magic spark we can create for you!

What is a micro wedding?

First, let’s start with the basics. A micro wedding is a small ceremony and celebration, rather than a large wedding with hundreds of guests. At Spark Experiences, we consider a micro wedding to be the happy couple, plus up to 12 guests.

By celebrating your marriage with such a small group of loved ones, you can truly craft your own perfect day that reflects your relationship and your future together.

Whether you’re changing plans due to the pandemic or you’re just seeking alternatives to the big, expensive to-do, a micro wedding could be your perfect answer! You can get more insight in our Micro Weddings 101 guide, including a glimpse into our very own micro-wedding!

Micro wedding couple sitting by the trees

Why consider a micro wedding?

It’s a good idea to consider having a micro wedding if you’re trying to adjust to these constantly changing circumstances we all find ourselves in these days. Without the ability to reliably plan ahead, we all need to be a little more creative…and flexible.

If you’re feeling like you can’t control your own wedding planning because of everything happening in the world, then a micro wedding gives you the opportunity to craft your perfect day right now.

A micro wedding in San Francisco can look like many different things. Perhaps you’re picturing the iconic City Hall staircase or the dramatic Muir Woods coastal redwoods. Maybe you’re imagining the Golden Gate Bridge as your photo backdrop or rows of vines for a bucolic wedding album.

Just know that your big, beautiful dream day can still happen in the future, if that’s what you still want to do. You can host the massive party or even renew your vows when the time is right. But — for now — you could consider having a micro wedding for all the important reasons to get married right now.

You might even find that the micro wedding is actually perfect for you and your beloved. Maybe you can even reallocate that big wedding budget for a dream trip when it’s safe to travel! Or maybe you keep it for the big blow-out party you still plan to have someday. It’s up to you…this is YOUR wedding celebration!

Happy couple on their wedding day

The Benefits of Planning a Micro Wedding

When you consider a micro wedding, you give yourself so much more flexibility to plan your day all around what you love and who you love.

The intimate nature of a micro wedding allows you to plan with ease and to plan within your budget, without the dramatic price tags of catering for 100+ people or having to create back-up bad-weather plans. If you have just a few people in attendance, then your plans can be easily adjusted due to any inclement weather. We can’t say the same when you suddenly have over 100 soggy wedding guests!

You can also plan your day entirely around you and your love story, rather than hearing the opinions of the many others involved in planning your big day. It’s impossible to avoid drama when over 100 people are involved in a single event!

If the idea of being the center of attention freaks you out, then you’ll probably love the concept of a micro wedding for your own anxiety. You should enjoy your wedding day and bask in the beauty and romance of it all — not feel anxious or nervous having all eyes on you!


bride and groom standing on white floor

Micro Weddings in San Francisco

If you’re considering a micro wedding in San Francisco and the Bay Area, we can help. The beautiful Bay Area boasts some iconic and utterly idyllic spots for your big day.

The backdrop for your vows could be the dramatic coastline, with clifftop views overlooking the crashing Pacific waves below. Or treat yourselves to a blissful day of luxury, with your vows being exchanged in world-class Napa Valley and a private wine tasting to pair with your fabulous wedding day feast.

San Francisco is the perfect place for a micro wedding. With so much character, beauty, and culture at every turn, the City by the Bay truly has something for everyone. Cater your wedding plans to you and your love story…make your day uniquely you!

woman in red and white floral dress holding clear drinking glass


At Spark Experiences, our role is to make your day extra magical. We know how beautiful a micro wedding can be, and we don’t want you to think that small means less. You can have all the stunning moments you dream of, without the pressure of changing plans or big crowds to please.

Do it all your way and celebrate who you two are as a couple. There’s no need to do the average wedding when we can add that extra spark to make yours the special day you truly deserve.

Get in touch to let us know what you’re dreaming about and let’s see if we can make some magic happen!