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Corporate Group Experiences

Tour in Tesla Model X

San Francisco corporate events, team building and  performance recognition
…with style!

Expertly curated programs for discerning professionals.

Planning events for your stakeholders can be challenging.

Off-site events are great opportunities for executive groups, management teams, and high-priority clients to interface and network.  However, corporate outings can be both difficult to book and ineffective at accomplishing meaningful objectives.

Corporate engagement that moves you!

Events really can bring groups together when you focus on programming that activates participants emotions, senses and even curiosity.

Be the office hero by booking something your colleagues actually WANT to participate in…

San Francisco corporate events that are effective and easy:

SF | Spark Experiences private tours in the Bay Area

Private group sightseeing highlighting top destinations

Experience our world class destination, leverage the power of story and create meaningful shared memories.

incentives, rewards and client entertainment that ‘WOWS’

Activity options that are playful and fun!
Get hands-on with an local artist, blend your own custom California wine or share a gourmet tasting with a food scientist.

Customized Luxury transportation

Small groups enjoy fully-loaded Teslas.  Executive Sprinter and Motorcoaches accommodate larger parties.

Plan something amazing for your group.

Tour in Tesla Model X

“Planning staff functions is usually exhausting.  I put so much time into it and then no one actually wants to go.

Thank you so much for designing a day for us that was actually fun!  I really enjoyed working with you and your team, and everyone was happy with how it turned out (even my boss).

I’ll definitely call you again to book next year!”

— Rachel, Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do we start?

Simply contact us for more information or to set up a call.

You may also wish our classic tour descriptions online to get a feel for some of our tried and true experiences, many of which are scalable to groups of various sizes.

What event options do you offer?

We offer a full lineup of pre-curated programs for corporate groups.  In addition, most of our classic sightseeing tour packages are scalable for larger groups.  We also offer a custom event design service.

Let us know your program objective and budget, and we’re happy to collaborate to put together something unique just for you! 

What can we expect from our day-of host?

Your day-of host is a local professional with many years experience providing exemplary customer service to a wide variety of clients.  They’re expert problem solvers and event managers- and have generally MC’d events of various sizes and functions.  They have significant destination knowledge and a knack for running a tight ship.  In other words, you’re in good hands!

Their job is to make sure your day goes smoothly so you can enjoy it right there alongside your stakeholders.

What size groups can you accommodate?

We work with all size groups.

While we most often serve executive teams of 5 or fewer, we have ample experience working with groups of 150+.

How many people fit in each vehicle?

Our signature Tesla Model X SUV seats up to 5 guests (we recommend up to 4 ample adults for most comfort).

The Tesla Model S Luxury Sport Sedan seats up to 4 (we recommend 3 adults if guests are generous proportions.)

The Mercedes sprinter easily accommodates 10-12.

Full size motorcoaches customarily fit between 30 and 52 passengers.

What should we expect in terms of budget?

At Spark Experiences, we provide a consistent and reliable luxury-level service in an expensive destination, so our programs are an investment. 

That said, we also pride ourselves in providing excellent value.  If we don’t feel good about offering a service relative to a particular price point, we won’t do it.  Simple as that.

I want you and your organization to have the best experience possible.

We’ve all participated in a lame team-building activity…

Off-sites with your colleagues don’t have to suck. Spark Experiences is my vision for what a corporate engagement program can be -when done right!

I created Spark Experiences for professionals who don’t want to waste time planning boring activities, and who need to be sure of top quality. I give my guests an experience designed and led by a local expert who is there to deliver a memorable day your team will actually thank you for.

As an event planner with 15+ years in the field, it’s my mission to provide amazing and enriching experiences that bring people closer together. 

…All right here in San Francisco.  🧡

Founder & Lead Guide, Spark Experiences

San Francisco Tours

How can we help you?

Help us get to know you better! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also reach us by call or text (PST):
📞 +1 650.337.3113